Update: Music & Memory Program Reverberates


New Technology High School and the Collabria Day Program plans to team up once again in the 2016-2017 school year with the second installment of Music & Memory, part of the Intergenerational Tapestries program that joins local teens and seniors with dementia. This time, program participants will have the benefit of musical instruments, such as ukuleles, African-style rope-turned water rhythm djembes, and a curved didgeridoo. The hope is that teens and elders will enjoy making music together just as they have enjoyed creating and listening to tailored playlists together in the past.

Creating music together allows for creative expression, social bonding, and improved cognition. Teacher SuzAnne Regalia notes that her students “have made meaningful connections with elders at the Day Program, finding purpose and empathy from the experience.” The addition of these instruments presents an opportunity to deepen such connections and promotes both educational and personal growth. At Collabria Care, we expect joyful results for all participants. For the Napa Valley Register’s write-up about the Music & Memory program, please visit this website.

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