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Hospice may be appropriate if you or your loved one has an illness that—if it runs its normal course—could take life in six months.

However, people may be on hospice for weeks, months, and sometimes years, because the course of many illnesses is impossible to predict. Read our FAQs below to learn more.


Hospice is specialized care that addresses the unique needs of individuals and their families when facing the end of life. Providence Hospice of Napa Valley offers a physician-directed team of professionals who are committed to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients, caregivers, and families.

No. We’ll partner with you and your physician to create a plan of care that focuses on maximizing your comfort and quality of life for the rest of your life. Studies show hospice care may even extend your life.

If you feel hospice may be right for you or someone in your family, call our hospice team at 707-258-9080. We’ll also be happy to talk with your doctor.

Hospice care is available to any person with a serious illness and a prognosis measured in months rather than years.

You will continue to take all medications that are necessary for your comfort and well being.

No. Patients and families often say they wish they had started hospice sooner. Starting hospice early gives you the full benefits of our care and may even extend your life.

Yes. Your doctor will be a welcome member of your Hospice team.

No, but some medications may be supplied so your nurse can use them if needed.

Your daytime nurse will visit you at least weekly (unless you request fewer visits), and can increase visits as your needs change. You will also have 24-hour telephone access to nursing staff for additional support.

Hospice care is fully covered by Medicare part A and MediCal. Most private insurance covers hospice fully after deductions are met. Generous community donations cover those without insurance.

We accept hospice patients who are receiving or may receive treatments to increase their comfort.

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Please call 707-258-9080 for more information about Hospice Napa Valley

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