Parental Loss and Adult Grief


An online grief support program for adults
who have lost a parent or parental figure.


April 11 – December 19
4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

This series is offered online using the Zoom platform

This is a free comunity service. Pre-registration is required.

Contact Xavia at
or email

The loss of a parent can be devastating at any age, regardless of the type of relationship you may have had. You were an integral part of their lives, as they were of yours, and so it feels as though an anchor has been lost, and you are left to find your own bearings.

The hollowness of grief is profound, lonely, and isolating – especially when we feel no one else understands, because, after all, we are adults, and should be able to cope. We do cope, and struggle through, although this does not diminish the pain of the loss – the loss of our primary attachment figure, from our first days on this planet – the person who helped us understand the world around us. This group provides a safe space for open expression and sharing, with others who have shared similar losses.

This program focuses on adults—those who are often in the support-giving role, and now find themselves needing care and understanding. It is open to adults of all backgrounds however although it is not suitable for teens or younger adults. It is a weekly “drop-in” group—attend as few or as many sessions as you like.

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