Annie, Carl, and Nurse Navigator Jamie


Annie Grant loves her son, Carl – but she also loves her friends. And when her health began changing in 2015, there was a short period when she worried she might have to give up one for the other.

Annie lives alone in the Napa apartment she shared with her late husband. She enjoys an active social life and the peaceful respite that her longtime personal home provides her. While Carl is and has always been an extremely caring and attentive son, there is just only so much he can do from his home in Southern California. Moving in with him would cause disruption to both of their lives, so they’ve chosen to do all that they can to maintain Annie’s independence.

That’s why Collabria Care’s Palliative Services program has been such a blessing for the Grant family. Knowing his mother has frequent home visits from a Registered Nurse gives Carl the peace of mind he needs while his mother gets the autonomy she desires. And there is regular phone contact between Nurse Jamie and both mother and son. “Having the visual assessment can be such a relief to families,” Nurse Navigator Jamie McNamara says. “In Annie and Carl’s case, he can relax knowing that I see her so often. And I can answer important questions like ‘Is she still safe walking in her home?’ or, ‘She says she is eating well – does her weight indicate that?’ whenever Carl is concerned.”

Carl especially likes the speed with which Nurse Jamie can review medical records and interpret prescription efficacy. “Jamie acts as a mediator between us and the physicians,” he says. “A real benefit of this program is that Jamie can convey information directly to the doctors relating to my mom’s health, care, medication dosages, etc. It’s a big advantage to have someone like Jamie to help communication between the patient, the patient advocate, and the physician.”

For Annie, seeing Nurse Jamie on a regular basis is akin to having another friend who also provides health and wellness advice. “I can call any time,” Annie affirms. “And when I call, she has answers.  She’s always on time, friendly, and very helpful.”

It’s important to remember that Ms. Grant is still active and independent. But a series of hospitalizations for a variety of issues indicated to Annie and to her physician that it was time for another set of watchful, compassionate eyes. That’s when Dr. Dugan recommended Collabria Care’s Palliative Services program – and they have never looked back.

“It has been wonderful,” Annie says. Carl adds, Palliative Services “has been a tremendous help to us.” In Carl’s summation, “Having family and friends in the area is wonderful, but it’s not the same as having a nurse” to go check on a loved one. That’s the level of care and service that makes Collabria Care’s Palliative Services program invaluable to the Grant family, and to many families like them.

For more information on Collabria Care’s Palliative Services program, please call (707) 258-9080.

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